About the Therapist
Jozef Bries

Jozef Bries PG Dip BSc (hons) MBACP MCPara is an Existential-Analytic psychotherapist. He was trained as an individual therapist and draws upon a number of different approaches in order to help people. These different disciplines include phenomenology, humanistic therapy, existentialism, psychoanalysis and post modernism. Above all, value is given to the importance of the relationship between the therapist and the patient over any one particular theoretical approach.

His professional interests include classical psychoanalysis and he has been influenced by the work of Jung, Klein, Winnicott, Fordham and Bion. Jozef continues his ongoing professional development at the Society of Analytical Psychology (SAP) in London, one of the few UK organisations training individuals to become registered Jungian Analysts.