Jozef Bries, Psychotherapist, Ealing, W5



Introduction and Information

Jozef Bries is an experienced psychotherapist working in private practice in Ealing, West London. He works individually with people experiencing a range of mental health, psychological and emotional difficulties. Some common, but not exhaustive reasons why people see him include:

* A recent relationship break up
* Coming to terms with an affair
* Finding out your partner uses internet porn excessively
* Loss of intimacy and/or sexual desire
* Repetitive, anxious thoughts that don’t go away
* Ongoing low moods or ‘down’ days
* Confused feelings towards people of the same or opposite sex
* Feeling you are unable to cope at work or in a new job
* A recent or past bereavement of a parent, family member, friend or loved one
* A fear you have a food, drug, smoking, alcohol, shopping or sex/internet addition
* Feeling overwhelmed, swamped with feelings, or crying without an apparent reason
* The  sense of being trapped or stuck  with a partner or family member
* A lack of self confidence, self-esteem or self image, such as not liking your body
* Persistent dreams, flashbacks, nightmares or traumatic images which
   are disturbing everyday life
* A long-standing fear or phobia such as flying, public speaking or travelling
* Struggling to cope as a new parent
* Worsening arguments with others or feeling angry at the slightest thing
* A deep, dark desire or fantasy which you feel you can never tell anyone
* Feeling alone, isolated or unremembered by others
* Knowing you are driven to succeed but your achievements are never good enough
* A lack of self confidence, self-esteem or self image, such as not liking your body
* Being riddled with guilt over a particular situation or feeling emotionally
   responsible towards others
* Difficulty in trusting your husband, wife or partner when they are away